Every fantasy is based on a true fact.

The Queen of England Stole my Parents is a short feature based on true facts about a little girl who embarks on a life changing journey to rescue her emigrated parents.

The film centers on Milda – a modern day Pippi Longstocking – girl who is lonely and whose fantasies help her to survive. One day this little girl overhears that her parents (whom she has not seen for 3 years) have been kidnapped by the Queen of England, and heads to the rescue. She travels to the very heart of a big city to experience the biggest change of her lifetime – she grows up.

The film shows the amazing world of a small girl who lives without her parents (although they are alive) and her perception of the situation.

Format: Short Feature

Production Company: Dansu Films

Producers: Monika Sakalauskaitė, Jurga Jutaitė, Justinas Pocius, Gabija Siurbytė

Director: Ernestas Jankauskas

DOP: Vydmantas Plepys

Screenplay: Birutė Kapustinskaitė, Gabija Siurbytė

Status: Distribution